WASH is in the Air at Bulungula Community Radio

Guess what? We have been on the air in a weekly two-hour show at Bulungula Community Radio. The show explores WASH content using a variety of methods, such as vox pops and audio commentaries, to keep listeners entertained and engaged in the show. The show has been airing each Friday for the past seven weeks. 

Our on-air personnel at the radio station recently received on-air personnel training by Keith Ngesi Media. This was a follow up training to an earlier training program which took place in August. The training included thirteen presenters and the station manager. The team was introduced to tools such as Radio Boss Automation, Audacity software, and other editing resources.

The station team applied their skills when they aired the first outreach broadcast during our Heritage Day tournament. The tournament was hosted on the weekend of Heritage Day last month and attracted the participation of sixteen teams of which eight were soccer teams and eight were netball teams. We donated two sporting kits, seven trophies, and gold and silver medals as prizes for the tournament. As a result of the positive response evidenced by the many interviews we conducted, we will be airing monthly outreach broadcasts. Our next outreach broadcast will be held at the Xhora Mouth great place on the 27th of October.

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