Your donations are our responsibility!

Viva con Agua has been recognized as a non-profit association by the Department of Social Development in terms of the Non-profit Organisations Act 71 of 1997. In compliance with the articles of our association, we use all donations and revenues for our work and projects.

Organisational areas

We distinguish between these four areas:

Viva con Agua SA is active in the provinces of the Eastern Cape and Western Cape and provides information on the global issue of water, sanitation, and hygiene.

These departments are indispensable for any organization because they keep everything running.

If no one knows that Viva con Agua exists, no one will donate to support the projects. This is why we have a website, print information leaflets, design posters, talk to journalists and repeatedly call for donations on all available channels.

We purchase assets to ensure efficient and effective operations. We report these on our balance sheet.

Important information


Viva con Agua is part of the global WASH Network and Sustainable Sanitation Alliance (SuSanA).

Registered name

Viva con Agua South Africa is a registered non-profit organisation founded in 2020, and located at:
74 New Church Street,
Cape Town

Charter and goals

Viva con Agua South Africa is aligned with Viva con Agua global.
  • Shared vision – VcA vision is the overall orientation for all VcA activities.
  • Shared culture – VcA culture is included in every experience, relationship and activity within VcA.
  • Shared structure – Synergies among national units and projects, as well as international entities and projects are created, knowledge is exchanged freely, structural insights and developments are designed so all units and entities can benefit easily.
  • Human centered – Focus on humans is the most crucial orientation in every VcA operation.
  • Data – Data-based decision making is developed significantly in order to make good decisions.

Management board

Board members: C. Weibe, Dr B. Engelsmann and A. Paul
Advisory Council members: K. Ngezi and T. Kathi

Activity reports

We will start publishing our annual reports in 2023.

Source of funds and disclosures

We raise funds from private individuals, companies, philanthropists, and institutional donors. We also intend to sell branded merchandise and to use fund raising platforms on the web.

Social affiliations with third parties

Viva con Agua SA is in partnership with the Bulungula Incubator, U-turn, Villa Viva Guesthouse , Equality Collective and the UCT Built Environment Clinic.

People centred

Our approach is people centred

At Viva con Agua SA, we use a people-centered approach in everything we do. Our definition of people-centered care, includes everyone in the continuum of water, sanitation and hygiene. 

A people centred approach:

  • is focused and organized around the health needs and expectations of people and communities rather than on diseases and illnesses.
  • extends assistance to individuals, families, communities and society.
  • includes attention to the wellbeing of people in their communities and their crucial role in shaping water and sanitation policies and services.
  • uses people centred interventions where everyone is as important as anyone else. There is no hierarchy; everyone involved, from contractors to facilitators to families, social workers or spiritual advisors, contributes to a coordinated effort in the delivery of water intervention and services

There is another reason to prefer using people-centered approach: Beneficiaries should not be reduced to, or defined by, their disease, illness or condition. They are persons with individual preferences, needs and abilities, who are full partners in their intervention. They are people, not cases.

People-centered intervention goes beyond improving the quality and safety of water, sanitation and hygiene. People-centered intervention is about everyone in the continuum of water and sanitation intervention having an equal voice.

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Collaborative and collective action

Our approach is collaborative

Every organisation has different skills, expertise, and talent. When organisations collaborate together they are able to utilize the experience, knowledge, and skills of every organisation involved to achieve the shared goal. Not to mention, collaboration also fast tracks project deliveries as employees are able to combine their strengths and expertise to get things done.

A problem that would have taken a single employee weeks to resolve, might be solved by a team within a few hours as everyone is able to employ their unique skills and viewpoints to get things done faster.

Our collective approach is a shared behavior of Viva con Agua and our partners towards the betterment of water and sanitation infrastructure, and societal change regarding hygiene behaviour. Collective action occurs when we work together with our partners to achieve our common objective of improving access to water and sanitation.

We collaborate with other organisations because:
  • It helps us problem-solve.
  • Collaboration brings people (and organisations) closer together.
  • Collaboration helps people learn from each other.
  • It opens new channels for communication.
  • Collaboration boosts morale across the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.
  • It leads to higher retention rates of role-players and participants in the sector.
  • Collaboration makes us more efficient workers.
  • Creating collaborative relationships takes time and effort, but the payoff is well worth it.