WHO we are?

Viva con Agua is a community and network of people and organisations committed to humane access to clean drinking water and basic sanitary care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be part of the change, being part of the different projects by keeping to our 4 mottos

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To motivate individuals and organisations through universal languages of music, sports and art, to take part in a process of positive societal change.

To inspire people to get involved creatively and enthusiastically with the global issue of water.

With the help of committed and synergy-oriented partnership, to bring our local supporters together, thereby developing a stable platform with leverage for initiating positive societal change.

By implementing WASH projects in South Africa, Viva con Agua drives societal change as part of the WATER for ALL philosophy, and contributes time, money and energy, thereby serving an overarching purpose.

It is a Human Right to Safe Water

“Access to safe water is a fundamental human need and therefore a basic human right” – Kofi Annan, United Nations Secretary-General (2007)

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of the world population (2.2 billion people) does not have access to a safely managed water service

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of the world population (4.3 billion people) does not use a safely managed sanitation service

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of the world population (3.1 billion people) does not have access to a basic hand washing facility.

What we do

We promote access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene.


Based on the guiding principle that clean water is a human right, Viva con Agua supports universal access to sustainable WASH services in South Africa through both financial donations and direct implementation of projects. 

  • Develop a good understanding of local context and needs by collaborating and working collectively through grassroot community partners. We use many tools and methodologies to determine needs including surveys on people’s knowledge, attitude and practices, analysis of the political economy, stakeholder analysis, technical surveys of existing infrastructure to map what already exists and the service gaps.
  • Support service authorities who have the legal mandate to ensure that water services are planned and delivered. It is vitally important to support and strengthen, where they are weak, existing government structures to improve governance, planning, coordination, accountability and sustainability.
  • Think beyond just infrastructure i.e. pumps, taps, toilets and handwashing basins. Sustainable WASH services depend on many interlinked elements driven by social, financial, cultural and political dynamics. Viva con Agua uses a WASH systems strengthening approach to make sure that WASH services continue to provide safe water and sanitation to people beyond the lifetime of projects.


WASH in schools (WINS)

WASH in Schools (WINS) is our project to improve Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene in Schools. Through this project, we build toilets and rehabilitate sanitation infrastructure such as water tanks, gutters, and drainage. We seek to enrich learners’ health and educational outcomes by creating a safe and clean learning environment.

Nina Manzi

The Nina Manzi is a project which crystalizes two of Viva con Agua’s cultural basic assumptions – connection, and potential. This project provides mobile sanitation facilities (showers and toilets) to homeless people in Cape Town is an immediate and empathetic response to the lack of access to sanitation in urban areas. Nina Manzi seeks to create networks with those who share our vision in order to enable transformation in the lives of homeless people


Viva con Agua encourages people to build bridges between different cultures and societies through the universal language of music, art and sport. By building up local, national and international networks of like-minded people, Viva con Agua creates a platform to initiate societal change. We invite people to participate in strengthening the capacities of civil society, both within communities and on an individual level.

Viva con Agua currently has more than 12,000 volunteers around the globe supporting affiliates in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Uganda, and South Africa. We are also supported by artists, sports men/women, and musicians who contribute their creativity, energy, and passion.


Arts for WASH

Art for WASH is a project which reflects one of our basic assumptions – joy. This project engages schools and learners to raise awareness and improve the practice of hygiene behaviour –primarily, handwashing with soap. Local artists and children have painted murals on toilets and school walls to present WASH Warriors created by the children themselves. These Warriors are superhero characters inspired by the themes of water, sanitation, and hygiene which also feature in our comic book

Sports for WASH

Sport for WASH is a project for children of all abilities which uses the power of the world’s popular sports to inspire change in the behaviour of children. Not only does Sport for WASH improve the understanding of children regarding the importance of water, sanitation, and hygiene. It is also an engaging and playful way of instilling positive hygiene behaviour in the children.

Our team

Zulfah Kara
Finance Manager

Ajay Paul
Phumelele Muthali
Adminstration & Compliance Officer
Sivuyile Tembani
WASH Officer

Fuad Peters

Tino Goche
Program Co-ordinator

Nina Manzi Manager

Phelisa Magoqoza
Community and Network Development

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